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iOS 14 widgets you can try today

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iOS 14 widgets you can try today

Despite the surprise release of iOS 14 that left app developers unprepared, an ambitious few have managed to push their way through — or even pull an all-nighter — in order to make their apps available with iOS 14 support on launch day. For the first time in years, the new version of iOS offers…

iOS 14 widgets you can try today

Despite the shock unlock of iOS 14 that left app developers unprepared, an ambitious few glean managed to push their system thru — and even pull an all-nighter — in define to invent their apps on hand with iOS 14 give a opt to on start day. For the major time in years, the brand new model of iOS supplies a new system for patrons to prepare their home displays. Now, your less frequently former apps can even be shuffled away to the App Library on the iPhone’s benefit display, whereas these apps offering info and updates can feature their vow thru new home display widgets.

In time, widget give a opt to will be a ancient feature for a natty resolution of apps. Nonetheless due to the the system Apple chose to unlock iOS 14 this 300 and sixty five days, there couldn’t be as many app widgets provided on day one.

Below are one of the most major apps launching this day alongside iOS 14 that encompass keen iOS 14 widgets. These apps and their widgets might well perhaps well still be on hand this day rapidly after the iOS 14 unlock.


Twitter consumer Aviary launched widgets that will allow you to peep both 1, 2 or 4 of the most up-to-date tweets (counting on which widget size you resolve out) out of your Twitter timeline. The widgets will substitute periodically by themselves, apart from. The app will be on hand this day after iOS 14 rolls out.

Image Credit: Aviary (widget confirmed in top correct)


Self adequate info app Transient is maintaining to its guarantees to lead optimistic of clickbait with its minimalist, monochromatic widget designed to discontinue attention hijacking. The “Entrance Page” widget’s vow will be carefully curated by its info crew, so simplest the greatest reviews of the day will expose up on your condominium display.

A 2nd “Election Snapshot” widget can help you defend track of the most up-to-date presidential, condominium and senate races at a watch. Customers can customise this widget to trace their very contain most-watched races, admire these in their home convey, as an instance.

Image Credit: Transient


Soor, a top price song player app for iPhone users, has launched three widgets in numerous sizes. The “Now Taking half in” widget reveals the most up-to-date song and what’s up subsequent, and updates in discontinuance to real time. There’s also a “Magic Mixes” widget on your mixes and a “Tune Assortment” widget that can even be configured to expose eight forms of curated vow.

Image Credit: Soor

Readdle: Spark Mail, Calendar 5, Documents

Readdle has launched widgets for its Calendar iOS app that expose your appointments and the month.

Image Credit: Readdle/Calendar 5

Its Spark Mail app supplies widgets for electronic mail and calendar, too.

Image Credit: Readdle/Spark Mail

And Documents by Readdle is adding widgets for easy access for file actions admire VPN, song, player, browser, and hundreds others.

Image Credit: Readdle


The dependancy forming to-influence checklist app Streaks is out this day with new widgets in numerous sizes for tracking your habits, dreams, and your total development.

Image Credit: Streaks


Cheep’s app capacity that you just can be taught about mistake fares or other ridiculously discounted flight deals. Its new iOS 14 widgets can even be custom-made to feature deals out of your airports and might well perhaps well even be stacked together to invent it easy to imagine the deals without opening the app.

Image Credit: Cheep


Cube, from PCalc, is a physics-primarily primarily based simulation of polyhedral dice to be used in tabletop feature-playing games. The app’s new widgets raise its dice to your condominium display permitting you to originate the app with unbiased a faucet.

Image Credit: PCalc

Twilight Cube

Yet every other dice app also has its widgets stay this day.

Image Credit: Twilight Cube

Climate Line

Forecasting app Climate Line already supplies an expansion of visual data linked to climate and forecasts. Now it’s bringing its insights and graphs correct to the iOS 14 home display. The app’s all-in-one climate widget delivers most up-to-date stipulations, forecasts and other vow admire excessive/low, crack of dawn/sunset, incoming rain, outrageous climate warnings and more.

Image Credit: Climate Line


Nighthawk’s Twitter consumer will unlock its first widget this day. “Self-importance” capacity that you just can defend up an research on your Twitter profile metrics, admire how many followers you might well perhaps glean and the intention in which many you’re following.

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Primarily the main Nighthawk widget for iOS 14, “Self-importance,” is coming this day, alongside with gargantuan enhancements to Shining Filter made seemingly by new iOS aspects! We glean to this point more on the horizon, but issues are still up within the air a piece.

Receive it? Air? Birds? Aw f

— Team Nighthawk (@NighthawkApp) September 16, 2020

Apollo for Reddit

Standard Reddit consumer app Apollo is offering a series of widgets, including a Submit widget that reveals a post from a Reddit feed of your selecting, a Loads of Posts widgets that will expose plenty of posts out of your current feed, a Submit Feed Grid that presents posts in a more visual, grid-model layout, a Wallpaper widget that will rotate thru photos from notify-heavy subreddits you admire, apart from as Showerthoughts and Jokes widgets that set up a little humor on your condominium display.

Image Credit: Apollo for Reddit

Carrot Climate

The iOS 14 unlock of Carrot’s comic climate app brings a forecast widget, hourly and everyday widgets, a climate maps widget and — in magnificent carrot model — a snark widget that delivers your climate with the app’s traditional snarky comments.


Behavior and mood tracking app Tangerine will provide a diversity of widgets to remind you about your development on your day’s dreams, admire your commitments to speed, hiss, drink water or without reference to else you might well perhaps well also very well be tracking.

Image Credit: Tangerine


Nudget’s mobile budgeting app will introduce widgets for maintaining up alongside with your family funds, including issues admire these categories where you’ve spent too noteworthy or glean dropped your spending, and the intention in which noteworthy cash you might well perhaps glean left this week.

Image Credit: Nudget


Organized photo notes app Birch solutions a Featured Photo widget that helps you to set up a photo on your condominium display — a vivid trick, since there’s now not a model to influence so with the iOS Photography app. (Submitting this day)

Image Credit: Birch

Card Pointers

Card Pointers, an app that helps users glean the most aspects and cash profit from their credit rating playing cards, is launching with three widgets that will benefit of us track their playing cards, know when to hiss one to maximize their advantages, and raise on top of the free observation credit rating being provided.

Image Credit: Card Pointers

FunnMedia’s apps

FunnMedia’s well being tracking apps, HabitMinder, WaterMinder, Calory App and Healthview all glean launched widgets this day to enable you to trace scoot, water intake, and other well being dreams.


SmartGym arrives this day with plenty of new widgets including your week’s workout abstract, more vivid workout widgets with more graphics, and even one which delivers motivational quotes. The widgets might well perhaps well also additionally be stacked whereas you might well perhaps well perhaps’t assume which to take.


Pocketdex will set up your Pokémon on your homescreen. (The app is rolling out now).

Image Credit: Pocketdex

Look for Chess app

Look for Chess app delivers chess widgets to the iOS 14 homescreen.


Finance app Copilot has also launched its widgets this day.

Lag Yell

Image Credit: Lag Yell

Yell app Lag Yell has widgets natty and minute for tracking workout routines, achievements, and more.

Non-public Most keen Workout routines

Image Credit: Non-public Most keen Workout routines

Yet every other workout app, Non-public Most keen Workout routines, capacity that you just can trace your workout routines with widgets.

The above apps might well perhaps well still be stay this day after iOS 14 releases, barring some unexpected rejection.

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