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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite review


Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite review

Our Verdict The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite is an odd beast: a smartphone without a well-defined target audience. But with a solid camera system, a good screen, the unique S Pen and more, it easily does enough to stand toe-to-toe with others at the same ‘flagship-lite’ price point, if never besting them. For Solid,…

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite review

Our Verdict

The Samsung Galaxy Impress 10 Lite is an uncommon beast: a smartphone with out a correctly-defined target viewers. Nonetheless with a solid camera procedure, a factual camouflage, the unfamiliar S Pen and extra, it without order does ample to face toe-to-toe with others at the identical ‘flagship-lite’ label point, if never besting them.


  • Fetch, versatile camera procedure
  • Intellectual AMOLED camouflage
  • S Pen performance

In opposition to

  • No excessive refresh price camouflage
  • Feeble chipset
  • Cheap plastic rear

Two-minute evaluation

The Samsung Galaxy Impress 10 Lite is a mobile phone for no-one, at the least on the floor. Chopped together from substances and items Samsung learned lying spherical its Wonka-be pleased factory, the handset is something of a Frankenstein’s monster.

Its arrival used to be moderately uncommon too, seeing as how it used to be launched months after the remainder of the differ, alongside the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite. That it then succeeds in being this form of preferrred all over kit is a testament to the extinguish chops of its creator.

To start, the raison d’etre of the Impress sequence is novel and factual, the S Pen – it is silent an provocative characteristic to have, and one which offers some unfamiliar performance. For some, the flexibility to stamp PDF paperwork on the fly could be a lifesaver, and utilizing the tool as a little graphics pill for some on-the-streak drawing is continuously enjoyable. For factual as many and extra on the opposite hand the pen would possibly presumably presumably also never streak away its silo.

Previous the pen though, that is a Impress, meaning that despite the truth that it is a ‘Lite’ model, fabricated from recycled substances, it silent comes with a preferrred browsing list of specifications – including a big battery, triple camera array, and Gigantic AMOLED camouflage.

Some omissions are considerable on the opposite hand. No particular toughened glass layer on the camouflage is talked about, no extra or less waterproofing is novel, and the plastic rear feels as though it belongs on a tool costing a fifth as powerful – but these drawbacks are met by myriad positives.

Chief among these is the presence of a 3.5mm headphone jack, which isn’t any longer a train, and we additionally most well-liked the flat camouflage – there are no contentious aspect-curves right here. Though the Impress 10 Lite would possibly presumably presumably never be careworn with a £1,000/$1,000 flagship, it undoubtedly feels worth the value of entry. Piece of that is all the manner down to the actual person abilities supplied.

Samsung’s One UI is a breath of new air following the loss of life of TouchWiz, and with 6GB of RAM moreover-liked, deplorable performance is on the entire no order. With a chipset pinched from the times of the Samsung Galaxy S9 on the opposite hand, energy efficiency isn’t its sturdy swimsuit, neither is thermal performance – this mobile phone gets sizzling beneath the collar with extended exercise.

Energy users would possibly presumably presumably also come by they are able to’t play basically the most up-to-date video games at maximum resolution, which is a disgrace on condition that rivals at all around the identical label are on the entire providing the likes of the Snapdragon 855 Plus, or higher, moreover-liked.

For many, the crude 6.7-plod Gigantic AMOLED camouflage with energetic colours will higher than manufacture up for this, as will the versatile camera procedure. The pairing of a worn 12MP sensor with a 12MP telephoto (providing 2x optical zoom) and a 12MP ultra-broad is now not any longer relatively as exotic a aggregate as it once used to be – but the performance of these snappers is nothing to smell at.

Samsung Galaxy Note 1src Lite

(Image credit ranking: TechRadar)

With bags of aspect, vibrant colours, and ample attain to duvet nearly any order, they are a joy to make exercise of – topped off with an immediately sturdy performance at night by job of the integrated ‘Night Mode’.

The large 4,500mAh battery additionally catches the scrutinize, as the largest pack readily available in a Impress smartphone thus far, though sadly battery existence doesn’t relatively live up to expectations. Whereas the mobile phone will continuously final through a fleshy day, it gained’t streak extra.

This also can partly be all the manner down to the dimension of the panel the handset is pushing, but it is at the least moderately all the manner down to the inefficient Exynos chipset former. Fast charging is there to wait on in a pinch too, on the opposite hand it doesn’t match the likes of Warp Value on the OnePlus 8 for plug.

Continuing the list of let-downs, there would possibly be no water-proofing certification novel, no longer that that is total at the value, and the one bottom-firing speaker is nothing to jot down home about.

We learned that despite the truth that it used to be acceptable indoors, it struggled badly to compete with nearly any background noise. Efficiency over Bluetooth audio used to be additionally handiest passable, as we on the entire experienced connection dropouts in uncommon locations. The older chipset additionally contrivance an absence of 5G connectivity, making this less future-proof than some rivals.

The £500/$500 segment is an provocative home – where value and performance are most on a knife edge. Samsung’s attain with the Galaxy Impress 10 Lite echoes Apple’s fresh passion for reducing long-established substances into contemporary telephones. And for basically the most part it works, as that is a extraordinarily competent and compelling choice.

Nonetheless whereas rivals are concentrated on their devices very particularly, it leaves the Impress 10 Lite with out a particular selling point beyond the S Pen – which is a enjoyable addition but somehow a gimmick.

In making an strive to allure to as big an viewers as it will, the Impress 10 Lite, even at the value, isn’t in actuality the ‘most productive’ mobile phone for any individual – but it doesn’t have any deal-breaker weaknesses both. On these merits, it isn’t a entire success, but it is correctly powerful of attention.

  • Thanks to UK mobile network Giffgaff for providing this evaluation unit

(Image credit ranking: Future | Amit Mishra for TechRadar India)

Samsung Galaxy Impress 10 Lite label and free up date

  • Available within the UK from £529
  • No word on availability in Australia and the US
  • Different storage/RAM alternatives readily available

The Samsung Galaxy Impress 10 Lite is readily available now within the UK for a initiating label of £529 (roughly $675/AU$935), with out a word on availability within the US and Australia. Equipped in January, the tool is pitched below the novel Samsung Galaxy S20 differ in the case of label, sitting within the upper mid-differ.


  • Plastic rear
  • 199g weight
  • Punch-gap selfie camera

The years of plastic have lengthy since passed within the smartphone world – there are barely any telephones at the present time that aren’t two slabs of glass glued to a metallic body. Most plastic builds within the novel seem handiest within the ultra-budget segment, beneath $150/£100, so the plastic former within the Impress 10 Lite is considerable by its very presence.

Odder silent is Samsung’s intent to conceal this presence as powerful as doable, throughout the uncommon naming ‘glasstic’ and by the feel, which is as slippery as glass and factual as provocative on fingerprints.

The build applied to provide this glass-be pleased initial feel has just a few drawbacks – the major of which is how slippery it makes the handset; that is a mobile phone provocative on taking a forward tumble off sofas. It additionally contrivance that scratches appear to appear with the passing wind. 10 minutes in a pocket with some keys will streak away the Impress 10 Lite having a perceive as though it has been attacked by an angry cat.

Samsung Galaxy Note 1src Lite

(Image credit ranking: TechRadar)

From nearly any other perspective on the opposite hand, the mobile phone is terribly contemporary in its extinguish. There’s a punch-gap selfie camera sitting at the highest of the camouflage, whereas an in-camouflage fingerprint sensor pulls responsibility for biometric security.

The S Pen sits gracefully out of scrutinize in its discreet silo, and the triple camera array at the rear is housed internal a tasteful ‘stovetop’ sq.. That is a extinguish language that Samsung has labored with and refined for a whereas now, and the Samsung Galaxy Impress 10 Lite is as pleased out on the boulevard as it is within the boardroom.

That acknowledged, which potential of the scale, whereas one-handed exercise is doable, it isn’t basically tidy. The portly 199g heft will imply cramps for all but the largest of mitts, whereas these with smaller hands can fail to take into accout about it entirely. All buttons on the tool leisure on its just aspect, no longer ultimate for lefties, and there isn’t any stamp of the powerful maligned ‘Bixby button’ – so a worn layout total.

(Image credit ranking: Future | Amit Mishra for TechRadar India)

The inclusion of a 3.5mm headphone jack is terribly welcome, whereas the solo mono speaker is less so, we would possibly presumably presumably have liked to perceive twin stereo devices at this label. Total on the opposite hand, as we request from Samsung at this point, invent quality on the Galaxy Impress 10 Lite is magnificent, as is its steadiness – nothing about the tool – plastic aside – feels cheap or misplaced.

Three assorted coloration alternatives (sad, white and red) are supplied, with the latter being the handiest entry to repeat a hint of persona. All provide the identical appealing build, though the lighter colours will attain the next job of hiding fingerprints.

Samsung Galaxy Note 1src Lite

(Image credit ranking: TechRadar)


  • 6.7-plod camouflage
  • Gigantic AMOLED abilities
  • No excessive refresh price

The 6.7-plod camouflage of the Samsung Galaxy Impress 10 Lite makes a gargantuan first impact. Being their major manufacturer globally, Samsung knows a element or two about making an excellent AMOLED panel, and that is now not any exception.

To begin with, coloration accuracy is mostly factual – mixing factual-to-existence tones with moderately pop and verve, that contrivance that pictures, textual whisper material, and video stand out with out a desire a perceive ridiculous.

Brightness too is a excessive point, with the camouflage reaching a maximum of 800 nits, which allowed it to without order fight a lustrous summer season sun in our tests. This excessive brightness additionally enables for HDR10 compliance, that contrivance a correspondingly gargantuan viewing abilities when that it’s good to have the just whisper material.

With the camouflage being OLED-essentially essentially based, all of the expected advantages are in tow. Blacks are infinite and distinction ranges are lovely to the scrutinize. There’s additionally an implementation of the continuously-on camouflage, exhibiting the time, notification data, and extra when the tool is locked. This provides a minute hit to battery existence as would possibly presumably presumably also very correctly be expected, but is a definite distinct for these that retain their mobile phone flat on a table whereas working.

Samsung Galaxy Note 1src Lite

(Image credit ranking: TechRadar)

Resolution-wise there is nothing to bitch about both, the 1080 x 2400 panel contrivance a pixel density of roughly 394 pixels per plod, which is bigger than adequate. With a microscope positioned an plod from the camouflage, considerations would possibly presumably presumably also very correctly be learned, but in any other exercise case there would possibly be no reason to bitch.

One point we did design shut order with is the positioning of the punch-gap selfie cam. In the middle, no longer skewed to one aspect, it is a victory for symmetry but no longer for usability. When viewing any video whisper material the gap makes its presence known and is most no longer prone to totally fail to take into accout.

One more annoyance is the beneath-camouflage fingerprint sensor, which is gradual, unreliable, and in total a distress to make exercise of. This order is unhappy, on condition that the criteria of such alternatives were raised so excessive by the likes of OnePlus – rapid recognition wish to be a given.

The lack of a excessive-refresh price for the camouflage can even be viewed as a disappointment additionally. Whereas 90Hz is hasty changing into the norm at the value point, the Samsung Galaxy Impress 10 Lite is left within the support of at 60Hz. Maybe a by-fabricated from the older chipset former, it will were a principal quality of existence inclusion and will streak away this mobile phone feeling an increasing form of dated with time.


  • Three 12MP cameras: telephoto, well-liked and ultra-broad
  • A handy night mode is supplied
  • The major sensor has an f/1.7 aperture

Most productive just a few years within the past, having three cameras on a smartphone would be thought to be as the very definition of overkill – but in 2020 it is the least we request. The Impress 10 Lite has a worn setup for Samsung, that contrivance an ultra-broad, a telephoto and a worn lens, every with 12MP to call their safe. There’s now not any longer a megapixel madness to be learned right here.

That is even as you exclude the selfie camera, which clocks in at 32MP, ample to lovingly reward every pore.

Samsung’s camera app holds minute within the manner of surprises – it is the identical aggregate of overly complicated menus it has continuously been. Love Sony, Samsung likes to novel a bunch of alternatives, to the detriment of the cohesion of the abilities. With the Galaxy Impress 10 Lite, Samsung has integrated moderately Bixby to fight this confusion, and in a shock twist it mostly succeeds.

The mobile phone will attain its most productive to review scenes and advocate the glorious settings and composition for each one. If the lights streak down, the advice for activating Night Mode will pop up shall we deliver. We learned these solutions mostly intuitive, and most will have the profit of leaving them on.

(Image credit ranking: Future | Amit Mishra for TechRadar India)

Picture quality, all around the board, is gargantuan. Colors are punchy without being overly saturated, there would possibly be a factual stage of aspect without crude sharpening, and photographs produced have an excellent sense of depth.

Between the assorted lenses there are just a few drops and changes in quality on the opposite hand, most notably within the white steadiness. The ultra-broad sensor in utter skews hotter than the opposite snappers, whereas the telephoto applies a touch extra sharpening.

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Neatly matched to Samsung’s apparent preferences, noise is banished and colours are in total baked moderately longer than some would possibly presumably presumably own, but for a form of the images produced could be thought to be as magnificent. A pleasant shock too is the effectiveness of the Night Mode. This, in sad scenes, improves brightness, aspect, coloration and distinction by job of a series of lengthy exposures, and is one among the glorious examples of this form of mode we’ve viewed at the value.

Level-headed, there are sacrifices when compared to Samsung’s newer efforts – as an illustration the zoom right here is ‘merely’ 2x versus 10x on the Galaxy S20 Ultra. There’s additionally no robotically variable aperture, nor a excessive megapixel count. Regardless that is a gargantuan total camera kit.

Video is recorded at a maximum resolution of 4K, and photographs is energetic, detailed, and factual total. The selfie camera captures decent aspect, but has tiny dynamic differ, and the integrated elegance effects are contentious at most productive. Situation these sliders to maximum and also you’ll word be pleased the waxy alien you’ve continuously dreamed of being.

Digicam samples

Specs and performance

  • Older chipset former
  • 6GB of RAM
  • Runs Android 10

With a chipset from the times of the Galaxy S9, our expectations for the Samsung Galaxy Impress 10 Lite had been no longer precisely substantial. Since the S9 launched, chipsets turned into extra grand, smaller, and extra efficient, even at the mid-differ – so utilizing an older providing is an provocative and unsafe gambit.

To begin with benchmarks, the rankings performed by the tool in Geekbench 5 aren’t too shabby. The Exynos 9810 chipset has 8 cores, with four clocked at 1.79GHz and the others at 2.70GHz.

Working Geekbench, it achieves a single core safe of 689 and a multi core safe of two,052 – it is blown out of the water by the likes of the iPhone 11, which achieves 1,325 and 3,445 respectively. Nonetheless or no longer it is a same result to the Samsung Galaxy S10 or Galaxy S10e from 2019, with a divergence of spherical 50 aspects from the two.

Nonetheless these tests are man made, and in each day existence our abilities proved to be moderately assorted. Efficiency is adequate for basically the most part, and navigating all around the interface undoubtedly gifts no considerations.

Games, as lengthy as they aren’t too taxing, work preferrred, on the opposite hand the likes of PUBG on excessive graphics settings will reward to be too powerful for the handset. In opposition to others at the identical label point, the likes of OnePlus and Realme provide extra bang for the buck, but for a form of folk the Samsung will reward to have adequate energy.

With 6GB of RAM moreover-liked, apps shield in reminiscence without disappearing, but whether or no longer there is ample of an overhead to tackle hundreds of app installs and software updates over time is one other topic. In particular with an older chipset there would possibly be no train of a peaceful abilities within the future – that is also worth taking into account even as you intend to sell the tool post-contract.

That is compounded by the infamous order Samsung has with lengthy-duration of time trot invent-up, though handiest time will convey if this raises its grotesque head right here.

(Image credit ranking: Future | Amit Mishra for TechRadar India)

Battery existence

  • 4,500mAh battery
  • 18W hasty charger integrated
  • Lasts one day on a value

Batteries in smartphones are changing into bigger as chipsets turned into smaller and extra efficient – as such expectations for battery existence are rising elevated with every passing twelve months. The Samsung Galaxy Impress 10 Lite packs a 4,500mAh unit internal, a extraordinarily promising dimension, but for basically the most part we learned its performance to be adequate at most productive.

The combo of the massive lustrous camouflage and the less efficient chipset contrivance that whereas the Impress will continuously manufacture it through a day, it isn’t able to stretching into a 2nd.

Leaving the lunge at 7am, we learned that it would on the entire be creeping into the 20% territory previous 8pm, which is legitimate but the minimum that can presumably presumably even be expected at the value point. With such an limitless pack, we continuously learned ourselves staring at for added, as Huawei has been ready to lift out with the likes of the Huawei P30 Legitimate.

Working a fleshy resolution video at half of brightness for 90 minutes all over Wi-Fi seen the battery drop from 100% to 84%, which is a pretty sturdy exhibiting – on the opposite hand video playback cases have continuously been a utter sturdy swimsuit of Samsung’s.

Charging speeds streak away something to be desired, on the opposite hand. Even though the 18W hasty charger integrated within the sphere is an excellent addition, it doesn’t compete with the likes of the charging solutions supplied by Realme with its X2 Legitimate. Whereas that tool can cost to spherical 100% after 30 minutes, the Impress silent takes over an hour to attain a fleshy cost, which isn’t a deal-breaker but is correctly an home for improvement.

No wi-fi charging choice is supplied, which is a disgrace, but for these that haven’t invested in a charging pad it will manufacture minute incompatibility.

Will must I ranking the Samsung Galaxy Impress 10 Lite?

Samsung Galaxy Note 1src Lite

(Image credit ranking: TechRadar)

Take it if…

You wish a mobile phone with a stylus

The Samsung Galaxy Impress 10 Lite is the handiest mid-differ smartphone wearing the S Pen, entire with all of Samsung’s tech wizardry.

You wish a valid camera

With a flexible camera array backed up by gargantuan image quality, the Samsung Galaxy Impress 10 Lite is a formidable imaging machine.

You wish a big camouflage

The panel on the Samsung Galaxy Impress 10 Lite is large, colourful, and gargantuan for staring at films on. The AMOLED camouflage tech contrivance that every image has bags of pop.

Don’t ranking it if…

You wish the glorious battery existence

The Samsung Galaxy Impress 10 Lite has a big battery pack but will infrequently ever manufacture it beyond a single day of exercise. Many rivals manage to eke extra urge time from their energy packs.

You wish the glorious performance

With a two abilities long-established chipset, energy efficiency and plug aren’t a sturdy swimsuit of the Samsung Galaxy Impress 10 Lite – it is terribly doable to accumulate extra bang for the buck.

You wish the very ‘most productive’ smartphone

Though it isn’t pass in any utter home, the Samsung Galaxy Impress 10 Lite doesn’t exceed the achievements of its peers – it is a jack of all trades and a grasp of none.

First reviewed: June 2020

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