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World’s largest hard disk drive might arrive in time for Christmas

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World’s largest hard disk drive might arrive in time for Christmas

Home News Computing (Image credit: Seagate) Seagate’s inaugural Datasphere 2020 conference provided the perfect opportunity for the storage giant to unveil some exciting new products and technologies.And the firm duly delivered, confirming what we all wanted to know: that the world’s biggest hard disk drive, the Exos 20+, will launch in December 2020.The internal HDD…

World’s largest hard disk drive might arrive in time for Christmas

(Image credit ranking: Seagate)

Seagate’s inaugural Datasphere 2020 convention equipped the right opportunity for the storage big to unveil some thrilling new merchandise and applied sciences.

And the agency duly delivered, confirming what all of us wished to understand: that the arena’s supreme tough disk force, the Exos 20+, will birth in December 2020.

The internal HDD would perchance be the first to return with HAMR technology (which boosts capability) and MACH2 actuator technology, designed to contend with performance SLA as capability scales to the 50TB

Dr. Dave Mosley, the CEO of Seagate, also dropped in two in particular inviting slides, the first of which presentations a TCO saving of when it comes to a third when storing 1PB on 18TB, in comparison with 8TB.

The 2d showed the relative mark per PB when the utilize of a 20TB HAMR, in comparison with a 50TB version, and demonstrated that the short and actual adoption of the most realistic doubtless-capability tough drives by hyperscalers delivers a “sustained mark advantage”.

With that in thoughts, Seagate has also launched CORTX – an commence-supply S3-admire minded object storage arrangement-defined storage platform – as effectively as a reference structure known as Lyve Force rack that might perchance ship as much as 106 drives (or 2.12PB) per rack node.

Earlier this month, every Seagate and WD launched 18TB tough disk drives primarily based fully on CMR and PMR applied sciences. It will seemingly be inviting to peer whether cloud backup specialist BackBlaze uses these most traditional excessive capability drives for its standard cloud storage service, giving us early strategies on performance and reliability.

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